Guidelines for DNA plasmid preparation:

Success of microinjection is highly dependent of the quality of the plasmid DNA preparation. For this reason, we offer a service of plasmid preparation. If you chose this option, send at least 2 µg of DNA and we will perform the bacterial transformation and the plasmid DNA purification in our facility. The price for this service is 50 $ / plasmid.

However, if you chose to prepare your DNA in your laboratory, please read the following guidelines to do so.

For better results, we highly suggest to use Qiagen midi- or maxi-prep kit for your plasmid DNA preparation, since our technology has been optimized with those. We cannot guarantee success of microinjection if you use purification kit from other manufacturer. Microinjection requires between 30 to 50 µg of DNA and concentration must be higher than 0.5 µg/µl.

DNA must be suspended in high-purity water and should not be viscous.

Guidelines for shipping:

When sending your plasmid DNA, please identify your tubes clearly and include a sheet with your name, your project name and number of tubes in the package.  Additional information regarding your plasmid should be transmitted via email or our client space platform.  If necessary, you will be contacted and the required form will be sent to you. 

Please, seal your tubes with parafilm to prevent leakage of the content and put them in a padded envelop or box. It is not necessary to use dry ice to send your DNA, but we strongly recommend to send it using an express courier service.

Send you package to the following address:

Genome ProLab
Attn: Gino Laberge
3201 Jean-Mignault
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
J1E 4K8

If you have question regarding DNA preparation and shipping, please, contact us here.